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MULTI-PURPOSE PLAY: The Sort & Count Cups can
be played with in a variety of ways! Sort each chip by
color and place them in the correct dishes sit at a short
distance and try to toss each chip into its matching cup
or create a game of your own using counting and sorting
as an educational base. Pairs well with other educational
or homeschooling activities.

VISUALLY-STIMULATING: Each chip and cup is brightly
colored with non-toxic water-based dyes to stimulate
children visually and cognitively. This also makes it easy to
keep track of each piece for safe storage after play!

SUSTAINABLY-MADE: Handmade from sustainable rubberwood
and stained with non-toxic dyes the Sort & Count Cups
playset is optimally safe for children and free from sharp edges.

SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Encourage color recognition help
develop basic counting and sorting skills support and
understanding of patterns and sequencing enhance fine motor
skills and hand-eye coordination. Self-directed play is suggested
but play with a companion or parent is even more fun!

INCLUDES: 5 colored wooden cups match with 5 colored
wooden chips that can be stored in an included cotton bag.
Suitable for ages 18 months and older.

Product Dimensions
8.4x8.4x3.6 cm
3.31x3.31x1.42 inch

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0.56 kg
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