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DK Fun

L.A. roadmap toy storage bag

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Treat your toys to adventure with this

 bright and colourful roadmap which

 features an exciting journey past the beach,

 mountains and into the city for some 

doughnuts and finally resting at the motel. 

An immersive environment for boys and 

girls who love playing with cars and other

 toys, all of which can be neatly packed 

away and stored together when playtime 

ends. The soft double printed design

 features a reverse patterns of a popular 

VW camper ideal for rest or play. 

This generously large play and go storage

 mat/bag offers ample space for all the

 family or friends to enjoy at home or

 outside in the park and garden. 




    diameter 140 cm

    70% cotton - 30% polyester

    double side printed