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Keepie + Bubble Tea Straw Set - Blue Dusk

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Bubble Tea Straw Keepie - The perfect
solution for busy Bubble Tea (and smoothie)

Our Bubble Tea Straw Keepies have your back:

They’re the perfect do-good, feel-good
solution for busy Bubble Tea lovers young
and old.

We say it’s time to ditch use-and-dispose
straws and opt for a reusable alternative

Each Bubble Tea Straw Keepie set includes
one extra wide We Might Be Tiny Bubble
Tea Straw with a bendable straw cleaner
all bundled up in a practical silicone travel
case that lets you take your straw with you
wherever you go.

Use the aluminium carabiner to easily
attach your Keepie to any bag so you’ll
never accidentally leave the house without
a reusable straw again.

The extra wide Bubble Tea Straw comes with
our signature embossed We Might Be Tiny
pattern and is perfect for (you guessed it)
Bubble Tea. But it also suits lumpy smoothies
that come with bits and pieces. Really, any
thicker beverage can do with a Bubble Tea
Straw as their bestie!

Once you’ve ordered your favourite flavour,
let the removable stainless steel piercing tip
that comes with every Bubble Tea Straw
Keepie tackle the plastic cover of your
takeaway cup for you.

When you’ve slurped up the last sip, use the
bendable straw cleaner to clean even the
most remote corners of your straw in
preparation for your next Bubble Tea outing.
Or simply pop your straw in its cross-eyed
Bunny travel case to contain the mess
and pop it in the dishwasher when you’re
back home.