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DK Fun

Freeze & Bake Mini Poddies – Sage

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As families with tiny humans, there appears
to be an endless demand for snacks.
They need to be tasty. They need to delight.
They need to be fun!

That’s where our Freeze & Bake Mini
Poddies come in as the quick and easy
answer to all your snack and mealtime

Our non-toxic mini silicone tray features 25
snack-sized pods that can dish up whatever
your heart desires. Like your snacks baked?
Whip up mini muffins or mini cakes. Prefer
frozen delights? Dish up baby puree, fruit
gummies or frozen yoghurt gems.

The Freeze & Bake Mini Pods have got your

With its stain-resistant, sturdy yet flexible
design it’s super easy to transfer your
creations from kitchen bench to freezer or
oven without spilling any of the goodness.

And once the wait is over, let your munchkin
dig into a mix of freshly made bear, bunny
and cat-shaped snacks.

Each silicone freezer tray features our cute
signature friends with intricate character
details on the bottom of each pod. That
special touch turns even the healthiest of
snacks into an irresistible affair for little
munchkins and grown-up fun lovers alike.

In the unlikely event that you’re faced with
leftovers, simply cover the Freeze & Bake
Mini Poddie with its matching see-through
silicone lid so the goodness stays fresh and
mess-free in your fridge or freezer.

And when you’ve nailed yet another
snacktime, hand over the mess to your
dishwasher to finish things off. It’s time
to kick back and soak up the glory!