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CLOSER TO NATURE: Bring children a little closer
to the outdoors with the PlanToys Beehives.
Six bees that vary in color
(red purple yellow orange green and blue)
match with a hive for a realistic beehive environment!
Teach little ones about bees -
their habitat diet way of life purpose etc.

EDUCATIONAL PLAY: Separate each bee from its hive
and invite children to use the pincers to bring each bee
back to its correct home! The hives can also be
stacked and sorted.

SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Encourage cognitive
and fine motor skill development by using
the pincers to grab and sort the bees
match each bee to its corresponding
hive and learn about the bee species during
free time. Suitable for children 3 years and older.

Product Dimensions
5x5.7x4.5 cm
1.97x2.24x1.77 inch

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