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DK Fun

6 Pack Rainow Marker

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Explore what’s over the rainbow and dot away with this set of Do A Dot Art! Rainbow markers. Arts and crafts time just got easier and cleaner… with

Do A Dot Art! This set comes with 6 washable dot markers in no spill, no splash bottles, which is a dream come true for parents and teachers. Do A Dot Art! is incredible for developing hand eye coordination and color recognition for young children, and is the first art medium every young child should use. Let your imagination run wild with this set of primary rainbow colors.


Includes: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Washable, Easy set-up, easy clean up. No spill no splash bottles

Dries Quickly. Sponge Tips Never Dries Out

Easy to grip bottles for little hands

Special formula allows you to Mix, Blend, and Layer Color

Each Marker contains a generous 2.5 ounces of ink. Each 6 pack set will create over 1000 projects. What a great value!

Made in the USA