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DK Fun

6 Pack Brilliant Marker

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Who doesn’t want all the colors of the rainbow? This set is a perfect companion to the Do A Dot Art! Rainbow Pack, completing all secondary colors on the color wheel. Create fun fuzzy friends or colorful sun-catchers, we love seeing little ones get supper creative with Brilliant dot markers. Arts and crafts made with these bold, bright, Brilliant colors are sure to impress! Just twist off the cap and let imaginations run wild!


Includes: Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Lime Green, Teal, Violet, Brown

Washable, Easy set-up, easy clean up. No spill no splash bottles

Dries Quickly. Sponge Tips Never Dries Out

Easy to grip bottles for little hands

Special formula allows you to Mix, Blend, and Layer Color

Each Marker contains a generous 2.5 ounces of ink. Each 6 pack set will create over 1000 projects. What a great value!

Made in the USA